Making carbon neutral a reality for defi

Viridis is building a novel protocol to deliver publicly auditable, on-chain and easily transactable carbon offsets for DeFi.


Viridis allows a range of carbon offset suppliers to register to our protocol, deliver backing metadata to our custom EVM L1, and generate a backing carbon offset NFT. These offset NFTs can then be fractionalized, traded as ERC20 tokens on our chain, and acquired by projects to be burnt into offset certificates.

Thus, Viridis allows crypto projects to seamlessly acquire carbon offsets, verified by details on chain forming a live audit trail. and burn them to make their activities carbon neutral.


Carbon credits and offsets represent one of the fastest growing narratives of this decade, with over 300B USD in total market capitalization expected to grow to 1.6T by 2028.

Viridis is more than DeFi – we aim to be at the forefront of Regenerative Finance, or ReFi. According to Messari, ReFi democratizes the process of allocating capital for climate change. By broadening the markets for voluntary carbon offsets, VRD will enable DeFi capital to make a real difference.


Viridis is building an on-ramp to allow carbon offsets to exist onchain backed by metadata. Find out more about our approach in our technical whitepaper, architecture diagrams and GitHub.

Our carbon offsets are traded on our custom EVM. The Viridis Testnet is currently live! Find out more in the article on how to sign up and qualify for potential airdrops!

Regulated and Voluntary Markets Integration

Viridis is offering a comprehensive approach to carbon offsetting. Whether you’re a business complying with regulatory standards or an individual committed to voluntary emissions reduction, Viridis has you covered.

Blockchain-Powered Carbon Markets

Our platform harnesses the power of blockchain to create transparent and efficient carbon markets. By utilizing blockchain technology, we ensure the integrity and traceability of carbon credits and offsets, providing a secure and reliable marketplace for environmental initiatives.

Innovative Staking Mechanism

We’re excited to introduce an innovative staking mechanism for our native token, $VRD. By staking $VRD on our mainnet, users not only participate in securing the network but also unlock exclusive rewards, contributing to our shared goal of environmental sustainability.